Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage pays for loss or damage to your covered automobile caused by any event other than collision. This includes loss and damages as a result of  events such as theft, fire, flood, windstorm, and vandalism. Comp coverage will also pay for transportation and loss of use expenses if your motor vehicle is stolen.  There are usually some common exclusions to comprehensive protection: No coverage for damages or loss

  1. to a vehicle while being used to carry persons or property for compensation or a fee;
  2. resulting from intention acts, racing, or preparing for a race or stunting activity;
  3. custom parts or equipment, including electronic equipment, in excess of the value declared in the application; or
  4. to tapes, compact discs, other media or their carrying cases.

To discourage small claims which can often inundate the insurers, Comprehensive Coverage is almost always sold with $250, $500, $1000 or even higher deductibles.  You should choose the highest deductible amount you can afford to get the lowest premium.

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