Collision Coverage

cars accidentCollision Coverage pays for loss or damages to your covered automobile when it collides with another vehicle or overturns.  It will also pay for a collision loss to any non-owned vehicle, or to a car you have rented other than a vehicle rented for use in connection with your business or employment, while that vehicle is in your custody, or while you are operating it.

Certain exclusions often applied to Collision Coverage: There is no coverage for damages or loss

  1. to an automobile while being used to carry persons or property for compensation or a fee;
  2. as a result of intentional acts, racing, or preparing for a race or stunting activity;
  3. custom parts or equipment, including electronic equipment, in excess of the value declared in the application; or
  4. to tapes, compact discs, other media or their carrying cases.

$250, 500, $1,000 deductibles are available.  To save on premiums, it is often suggested to policy owners to carry the highest deductible amount.

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